Friday, March 14, 2008

The Now,
I'm living it,
Not the seconds that have just past,
or the minutes to come after,
rather the precision that exist in this exact moment.
You could never miss the now,
unless it goes unnotice,
Its at many times unappreciated and taken for granted
Living for us, until death, yet it continues to survive by the living.
Created by the creator at the beggining. And is yet still, until these days.
I'm not speaking of the seconds that have just past,
Nor the minutes to come after,
rather the precision that exist in this exact moment,
I'm living it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Consider The Ant

Consider the ant-
such a small species,
able to lift burdens ten times that of its own weight.
Since birth- labors in one accord with an entire colony
not for global domination but to maintain its ground - Literally
Consider the ant-
such a fragile insect,
one of various creeping creatures.
Weather conditions cannot hinder their goal
to reach the seemingly mountain top.
The ridges and the torment of mud puddles,
buckets of water - in a rain drop
or even a solemn tear drop,
fighting off other nagging insects.
Who for the same mountain top would
sting and/or bite its foes.
Resilience against monumental adversaries.
Consider the ant-
to me its just the crumbs of an Oreo cookie,
to the ant its the daily task of making a living.
So atleast consider the ant.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

To Alfredo: Jail Can Set Us Free

Sometimes, To appreciate and recognize freedom,
Is liberty itself, Sometime weakness conquers our
fleshly appetite, and we fulfill the hideous of crimes;
We forsake our independence given to us by a higher
force; self willed, taking for granted certain priveledges,
abusing this power by lust, The consequences, at
times, in this case; bars that rust themselves
and those within, through the prison industry complex:
work for less (a whole lot less)
gain slave masters, but sometimes, not all the times,
in this case this epiphany of consequence;
could very well be for the recognition of how beautiful
liberty is, So yes, Jail can set us free,
if we understand the power of freedom.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Suicide Piegeon

hopeless pigeon perplexed on queens blvd mob gathered awaiting death nigh, at hand.
the julian po pigeon. already lifeless, as the inevitable approaches,depending under what circumstance.
disturbing, a wave of mixed emotions, surged the crowd,Patiently anticipating tragedy.
Others, the good ones, made themselves useful, willful in aid, diverting traffic.
Conjecturing, pigeon opposed diving off a skycraper, spiritually willing to plunge to his death,
yet his wings would:
So electing to get run over by a maroon 1985 Chevy
Nova seemed more reasonable.